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Judo, Aikido, Eskrima, Karate and Ju Jitsu classes are FREE to try for the first one or two sessions.

If you’d like to train with us, here’s what you need to do:

1.  Show up to any session (LOCATION). Arrive about ten minutes before the session starts.  It’s free to try.  Just wear loose comfortable clothing or borrow a club gi from the changing room.

2.  Train and get a feel for what we do.  The coaches and academy members are friendly and will help you along on your first day.

3.  If you enjoyed your first two FREE sessions, you can join the club by filling in the membership form and giving it to a club coach.

4.  You can buy a judogi or training uniform from the MJJA if you like.  We order from a wholesaler and make no profit from this.

5.  Then train twice a week if you can.  Of course you can come along for fewer sessions if that suits your schedule.  Because our instructors take no money to teach, Kids Judo sessions cost $50 per school term and Senior Judo/Ju Jitsu classes are $30 per month.

6.  That’s it.

By training regularly you will improve your health, fitness, co-ordination, speed, strength, balance and eventually mental toughness.

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