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Sensei Tony Schaufelberger


Tony has a 6th Dan (black belt) in Aikido and has been studying for nearly 40 years and has also trained for 12 years in Iaido. He is renowned as one of the foremost weapons' teachers in New Zealand.


In addition Tony has recently been working on his principles of “quiet confidence”. In this he seeks to develop confident students who have the tools and attitude to deal with conflict in positive and respectful ways.

Tony is the Chief Instructor of Aikiway Aikido NZ and although based in Auckland, is currently the mentor of this club.

Tony is an excellent instructor with a great understanding of body structure, spacial awareness and power generation that easily transcends martial art styles.

Sensei Simon Ogden


Simon has a 1st Dan in Aikido, along with multiple black belt grades in Judo and Ju Jitsu, and is just starting his Aikido Journey or as he likes to call it "Judo in the outer circle."

Simon is an experienced and accredited martial arts coach.

Simon teaches with a great pinch of humour and a large splash of the inner child. He has been coaching Ju Jitsu for over 25 years, Judo for 10 years, and has been exploring Aikido with Tony Schaufelberger since 2004. He endeavors to instill passion for martials arts in his students and the continuing quest for martial knowledge.

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